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Educators going online

While E-learning makes use of different forms of technology, the information is delivered to the target audience usually via the internet. The use of videos and voice-overs, for instance, is very popular because it provides a more engaging atmosphere for the individual. Imagine having to go through an entire course by just reading concepts and ideas from a piece of paper, or even from your computer screen. Chances are your mind will begin to wander and you’ll likely lose interest on the topic before important points are discussed. With the usage of videos and voice-overs, e-learning becomes a more appealing — and sometimes, a more interactive — process. Being able to better visualize concepts through your computer screen will surely help in catching and holding your attention. Facts and ideas voiced out, rather than being printed on your screen for you to read and understand, will certainly help you better absorb information.

The use of videos could also aid in simplifying the learning process. Studies reveal that 12 minutes happens to be the maximum amount of time in which an individual’s attention could be effectively captured. An e-course video effectively delivered within this given time frame will likely help ensure that all relevant information is conveyed.

June 8, 2017

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